Kenji Kamiyama’s latest work just revealed in NicoNico stream

Okay, friend of mine just literally linked me the live feed of Kamiyama’s live stream announcement of his new anime. And by the looks of it…it’s a remake of Cyborg 009?!?! Supposedly an episode aired 2 hours ago. Now, I’ve watched some of the original 1960s version of Cyborg 009. I seriously hope whatever was in that live stream promo is NOT a true indicator of how Kamiyama’s adaptation will be! The 007 baby freaked me out! The 008 black man looks even more racist than the 60s version! 009 has ginger hair?! 003 is now a blonde?! That music was as corny as hell…The visuals looked decent but it feels miles away from the 009 that inspired Kamen Rider and the Sentai series which then led to Power Rangers and the like. I dread to thing of what my old school friends think about this. If Kamiyama gets it right, power to him. But he could be in deep trouble if he blows this. Remakes of old classics can go very pear-shaped. The remake of Dororon Enmka-kun earlier this year was a farce. Cool, funny show gets turned into an ecchi/loli-fest with none of the quirky edge that made the 1970s original good. Well, people have been asking me tonight if I knew what Kamiyama’s new work is. Supposedly it’s Cyborg 009! I seriously hope this is better than what the final Eden of the East movie was, because most Eden fans I know were mortified by how that ended up.

Well, THAT was unexpected!

Preview vid in that link.

So…stunned by Kamiyama’s choice?! Think he can make it work or that it will go down in flames?! This one is definitely a surprise.


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  1. kiddtic
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:52:11

    Oh I was so so disappointed with this announcement, I wanted another original production but instead he has given us a remake of a remake of a remake. I have to admit the action scenes look pretty cool but CGI really?

    Im sure Kamiyama has a unique and fresh look on the series so hopefully it will turn out to be half as decent as Eden of the East was and who knows it might even be better.


  2. lastsinner
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:58:22

    Well, the danger with retro show remakes is when modernising them, you run the risk of ruining what was cool about the original. The cheesiness of the original required the more cartoonish animation style, those quirky sounds, that manly opening. Those were cool. But yeah, when I was watching that PV for the first time, I was rather bemused. CGI just didn’t seem right for this. I don’t think it will be horrendous but I do wonder what Kamiyama is thinking! Certainly the jury’s verdict is going against Kamiyama big time so far. Lot of disappointment across the board wherever I look.

    At least when Cutie Honey was remade, they kept the original OP and didn’t change Honey’s character design much.


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