The ‘Anta Baka?!’ Report – Edition #1

(Inspired by Dave Dameshek’s NFL ‘Shame Report’)

Last Sinner here. Now we all know that the world of anime can be quite insane at times, as well as its fans. But usually it’s within the realm of humour and the like. But sometimes things go just WAY too far to be acceptable and needa good mashing from an Anti-Baka mallet. Tsundere-wielded mallets optional. Take the following with a light-hearted approach – you have to poke fun at the industry sometimes, as well as the fandom. Just remember, those that made the list – I didn’t put you on this list. YOU people put you on this list!

Let the mallet wielding begin!

#5 – At Number 5, we have a rather inexcusable exploitation of the Tiger & Bunny fandom with a dating service being set up, specifically targetting the T&B fanbase. Now dating services targetting otaku and fans of a specific show are nothing new. I don’t have anything against Tiger & Bunny – what I DO have something against is the way the dating service is set up! Firstly, the women involved only pay a measly $39 to take part while the guys fork out $120 to be able to speak to the people of the other gender involved! Wow, some service! When you’re paying 3 times what the other gender is paying, you’d better hope the candidates are damn good quality! As for refreshments, tea and a bit of cake are all they get! But that’s not my main problem with this service. My problem is that the dating is straight! We’re talking about the Tiger & Bunny fandom here! What should be going on is the women get to pair up the guys involved! That sounds far more like T & B fandom, not to mention Pixiv since it’s practically been T & B central for the last 6 months! Honestly, Aellura, properly target the fanbase! And if you need more women, just go ask the Pixiv community, I’m sure they’ll be willing to contribute!


#4 – Moving on to Number 4, we find another case of misproper use of a character in advertising. Akikoroid-chan, Vocaloid’s latest synth chick, is the mascot for the LAWSON convenience store chain, acting as a spokesperson on social media sites for LAWSON and their NicoNicoDouga channel. But they’ve gone too far this time with their latest role for dear Akiko. The convenience chain franchise is holding a contest for lyrics to a new song Akiko will sing to advertise deep fried chicken! Honestly, fried chicken?! Look, I get it’s the 25th anniversary of your stores selling fried chicken  and congrats, by the way. But a Vocaloid character advertising fried chicken?! How does that fit in with her? How will it make her stay cute if people sing about how greasy, succulent and lip-smacking good it is?! She’ll be more like a pornstar with those kind of lyrics! Honestly, Miku sporting a leek was genius. But fried chicken is not cute. Nor is it conducive to your mascots keeping their trim and cute figures! It’s a good thing Akiko can’t eat, because her fans won’t be staying slim! Show some responsibility to your own characters and your customers, LAWSON!


#3 – The Number 3 spot today hosts a long-running Shounen Jump title. Bleach is already a majorly troll title thanks to the antics of author Kubo Tite, but the anime version’s latest antics have set a whole new low for the title. Now we all know the odd error slips through in a lot of anime, but when an entire frame still has the production directions visible, one wonders what those animators are doing! It’s bad enough Bleach has been run well past its course like so many other long-winded titles, but this sloppy behaviour takes the cake! If you’re going to troll people as to why they’re still watching, try to be subtle about it. Don’t give them crystal clear reasons to walk away for good if you still want to make money!


#2 – The first runner-up position in the ‘Anta Baka?!’ race goes to some chilling behaviour by anime apparel suppliers Cospa. In the July season, there was an anime called Ro-Kyu-Bu, about loli girls playing basketball. I didn’t even watch one second of it. The behaviour of a friend of mine talking about it plus hearing that damn opening song too much permanently warded me off that danger zone. But Cospa felt it was necessary for the fans to proudly show their love of lolicon in public with their T-shirts with the message ‘Primary School Girls Are Great!!’. Now another online retailer, ANIMATE, decided to cancel their version, which allows the general anime community to breathe a sigh of relief knowing someone has the brains to not give the general public more reasons to hate anime fans in general when it’s a twisted minority getting us this heat. But Cospa decided to go ahead anyway and produce the shirt’s message in an English version! Wow, now you’re not even letting the language barrier save the sorry clowns who read this, Cospa! Now we’ll have people around the globe announcing their love of underage-ness, which is the last thing we need! Someone call up Chris Hansen so he can track these sorry people down and show them up! Cospa and anyone who buys that shirt – way to fail!


#1 – And the inaugural top spot on the ‘Anta Baka?!’ report would probably have been the T-shirt stupidity in most weeks. But in the last week, one certain anime fan made the entire world feel better about themselves after what he got busted for! 22-year old Chinese national Xiran Zhang , a first year student at Canterbury University in New Zealand, made the glaringly stupid mistake of bringing graphic adult anime with him from China. Now the problem is not that it was adult, it was actually what was going on! All 10 titles found on Zhang contained scenes of rape, abuse and bestiality! Wow, Zhang, way to go! Good luck getting around Canterbury without getting glares of doom and eternal hatred coming your way! Having rape and bestiality pinned to you for eternity just shot you down for life, fool! Furthermore, name one woman who actually will want to have anything to do with you knowing you condone such acts! But most of all, the entire sheep population of New Zealand should be living in fear! They’re in mortal danger from Zhang! Whatever sentence is laid down on this clown had better include a restraining order that doesn’t allow him anywhere within 5 kilometres of any sheep – alive or dead! Clearly anything is game for Zhang so measures must be taken to prevent the livestock of New Zealand and the world from being infected with whatever has Zhang off his rocker! What extreme stupidity, Zhang! Now stand still and don’t squirm! You’re the first victim of the Over 9000 Anti-Baka Mallet! Delivered to you by a horde of yanderes that love knives!


Until next time folks! Try not to be stupid in your fandom.


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  1. kiddtic
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 11:19:19

    I am totally getting that shirt LoL


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