Will be returning to posting in the next couple of days

Hi all. Thanks for your emails or comments on other sites. Sorry for vanishing for a few weeks. I am alive! IRL got a bit busy for a while and then I just suddenly lost the taste for October for a while. Also, adter talking about the Fate universe with a fellow anime friend who I catch up with IRL regularly, I realised I needed to actually find out more about Nasu’s and Urobuchi’s works to be able to comment more accurately. So I ended up going through the Fate/Stay Night game as well as read the Fate/Zero novels. It was time consuming but well worth it. I now have a much better understand about the Fate universe having gone through the FSN game in full. I’ve also grasped some of the strengths and weaknesses Urobuchi has by reading Fate/Zero in literary form, as well as learnt about the working relationship between Nasu and Urobuchi and how it led to Urobuchi being talked into writing Fate/Zero by Nasu, as well as some of the ‘personal issues’ that Urobuchi has which appear in Fate/Zero as well as other titles he did writing for, like Madoka.

The other thing which took up my time was I had somewhat of a paradigm shift in terms of how I rate my anime and what I value most. For eight long years, Last Exile had been my #1 show. Then I came across a series that was utterly brilliant and had the best writing, story and character cast I’d ever come across. Its animation style is not that typical of anime but still is anime. Its music is rustic, symphonic and harrowing. 74 episode show from 2004. Its name is Monster, based off an 18-volume manga done by Naoki Urusawa. The guy is a genius. Monster is a masterpiece. It took me a long time to get through it, but it was so damn fulfilling. Good thing it had been streaming, because sadly, while licensed in English and fully subbed and dubbed, the license is being sat on and nothing has been released past Episode 15. It’s tragic – a once in a decade or even generation masterpiece can’t be purchased by loyal anime fans?! I’m outraged. I seriously hope some licensing company out there will license Monster. This is a title that may not be typical of anime but is everything a good tale should be.

So having come to terms with how I now feel about writing and content after having gone through Monster in anime form, Fate/Stay Night in game form (Don’t watch the anime! It’s so inaccurately adapted! PLAY THE GAME!) and Fate/Zero in novel form, I feel better equipped to continue and refreshed. So I will be recommencing posts soon. I’ll get back up to speed on titles like Chihayafuru, Fate/Zero and the like and be posting episode reviews soon. I’ll try to keep how they connect to known events of that time from Fate/Stay Night unspoiled. But if you’d like to know more about what actually goes on in FSN in its proper form, contact me privately and I’ll fill you in.

More coming in the next few days! Be well! Hope anyone who’s in their exam season or just finished did well.