Yours truly is a 30 year old that resides in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. I have been an anime and manga fan for about a decade. The broader nature of content that can be found within the industry as well as its appeal to a wider audience bracket has always fascinated me. The things I value most in the titles I like are a story that flows from beginning to end, isn’t completely predictable and treats its characters with relative respect. I like my characters to have personality and variety – I’m not the type that likes everything light and moe, nor in excess and constantly over-the-top. Good animation is nice but not a necessity. A soundtrack that enhances the mood of the series and ties in with what scenes are achieving is a big plus for me.

My aim with this blog is to provide an outlet for people to find out about series being released by the two licensing companies in Australia – Siren Visual and Madman Entertainment, as well as other gems that most people probably wouldn’t know about. My reviews will be based on a theme and have at least 3 titles that fit around the theme. Most themes will have one Siren title and one Madman title each along with ones that are licensed overseas or have somehow not been licensed. One of the major criticisms of the industry is that it is a case of the inside looking out rather than the outside looking in – that only those that are fans can find the information and content required to be a fan. I aim to provide some insight. I am by no means perfect and there is plenty of material I haven’t watched yet. Although my mentor would tell me there’s plenty I should be glad I haven’t watched. XD

In my ratings, I give two different scores – one to reflect my own personal opinion, while I give another to how I would score it to other people based on their tastes/trends. I consider it a necessity to sometimes differentiate between how one personally feels about a series and what it may mean to the general public.

Scores go like this:

10 – Worship it and whoever made it

9 – Damn fine watch, would certainly watch again regularly and purchase it

8 – A few flaws but good watch overall, would buy it

7 – Reasonable but not enough to warrant purchase. Was worth the watch but didn’t quite do it for me.

6 – So-so. Not regretable but more could have been done.

5 – I’m disappointed. Not necessarily a very negative experience but hardly a positive one.

4 – Underwhelmed

3 – I’m getting angry and probably regretted watching this

2 – Really conflicted with what happened and experienced severe pain watching it

1 – Regret is an understatement…

0 – DON’T ASK!

To anyone making comments in these parts, be polite and respect the opinions of others as long as they are within the realms of law and morality. Part of being a decent human being is understanding difference and being able to see things from more than one point of view.

Hope you enjoy the blog, peace out!

Last Sinner


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