October 2011 Anime Season – Mirai Nikki Episode 3

If you get the feeling halfway through this episode this one’s getting too light – don’t worry. As Yuno is a yandere, the first half is prety dere-dere, then it ends with a truckload of YAN!

Yuki and Yuno spend the 1st half of the episode hanging out in an amusement park. Fourth is using them as bait to lure out Ninth, who has gone into hiding. There is an indication via a flashback that Ninth is the monster she is due to her family being killed in a war.  Not much happens – a bit of attempted love-play with a drink, a haunted house, a couple of rides and a swim where Yuno temporarily loses her swimsuit top. Things pick up when they’re on the ferris wheel when Yuki has a flashback that explains Yuno’s obsession with him. Apparently a promise was made that Yuno would become Yuki’s bride one year ago. The two end up going to Yuno’s home. Ninth is supposedly rescued by a ‘stranger’ – who soon reveals himself as another competitor, but we don’t know his number or diary power. Yuki’s diary entries mention a weird room in Yuno’s house. For some reason, Yuki decides to go against the diary and look inside. That one decision changes ALL the players’ diaries immediately and sends the time continuum into disarray. Deus ex Machina begins to gloat, saying Yuki is what he had been hoping for. Inside the room, Yuki finds rotting corpses…presumably Yuno’s family?! Yuno appears looking anything but lovey-dovey, saying ‘It was all going so well.’ Yuki flees to his home but Yuno tracks him down, glaring through the door with a VERY yandere look in her eyes! Episode ends. And notably, the cute mascot that accompanies Deus ex machina doesn’t make an appearance after the ending credits.


Admittedly the first half is slow and very unlike the show just far. It’s happy and Yuno is not in a crazed mood. If anything, for nearly 20 minutes, Yuno resembles any normal girl her age. Someone who has no issue with killing others is frightened of a haunted house, amusement park rides and when she loses her swimsuit top. While this all may seem rather weird, it does go to show that parts of Yuno are…normal. It’s a reasonable way to develop Yuki and Yuno as characters but not stellar. Something set her off on the yandere angle and it wasn’t just Yuki. There’s ‘probably’ a SOMEWHAT decent explanation for why corpses are in her home. Thing is, if they were her family…why wouldn’t the police have come looking for them, checked Yuno’s home, etc? Something isn’t adding up. And why is THIS the revelation that sets the game into chaos? Deus ex Machina seemed ecstatic. I almost wonder if the guy has had enough of being omnipotent wants someone else suffer his position.As for the atmosphere, it was better executed and some good mood music was present.


And that’s all I can say about this episode. It was very light on content and events compared to the first two but did hit a goof climax in the final minutes. Mirai Nikki doesn’t seem to thrive on positive events but the cruel and twisted instead. Sounds criminal of me to say it, but we need more bloodshed and bodies flying post-haste!